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A template to use as a reference is home-assistant-community-themes/template

This is for the frontend integration in Home Assistant


For a theme repository to be valid these are the requirements:

Repository structure#

  • The theme configuration file are located here ROOT_OF_THE_REPO/themes/SCRIPT_NAME.yaml
  • There is only one theme configuration file (one directory under ROOT_OF_THE_REPO/themes/) per repository (if you have more, only the first one will be managed.)

OK example:#


Not OK example:#

GitHub releases (optional)#

If there are releases#

When installing/upgrading it will scan the content in the latest release.

If there are multiple releases in the repository the user have some options to install a specific version. The choices will be the last 5 releases and the default branch.

If there are no releases#

It will scan files in the branch marked as default.

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