All changes to the documentation should go against the master branch.
The repository for the frontent is hosted @


Untill the new eperimental UI are default in HACS, you need to enable that to test your changes.


Contributions to the "old" UI will not be accepted.

First spin up the devcontainer

When you have that running issue the following comands:

npm start

When this is running it spins up a dev server, which you can attach to from a Home Assistant instance that is running HACS.

To attach the development frontend add this to your Home Assistant installation that is running HACS:

- name: hacs-dev-frontend
sidebar_title: HACS (Dev frontend server)
sidebar_icon: mdi:alert-circle
url_path: hacs_dev
js_url: http://localhost:5000/main.js

Change localhost for the IP of your devserver if not the same.

Last updated on 10/19/2019