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Caule Themes Pack 1 - by

10 modern colors | 4 categories of styles (Black Glass, Black, Dark, Light) | 40 themes in total | Animated icons for the weather forecast card | And a bonus automatic theme selector for your interface.

Google Dark Theme

A fork of popular Home Assistant Google dark theme with animated icons

Green Slate Theme

Green adaptation of this Home-Assistant theme:

sweet pink

Theme for home assistant that makes use of pinks and purples and maybe some teal

Vastayan Bond

Inspired by the color schemes of Xayah & Rakan. Still work-in-progress, feedback is much appreciated!


This is a blend of 2 themes found within the Home Assistant community. Inspired mostly by Noctis, I've adjust colours slightly and have also opted to pull some features from Caule Theme packs to build my own 'ultimate' theme. I will continue to update overtime and do my best to credit those whom I have 'referenced'

Your Name.

Home Assistant theme - A dark, electric blue theme that reminds the movie Your Name.