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Air Visual Card

A Lovelace card showing air quality data from Requires the AirVisual component.

Alarmo Card

Home Assistant card for controlling the Alarmo component

Auto Reload

Custom home assitant lovelace for UI auto reload

Bar Card

Customizable Animated Bar card for Home Assistant Lovelace

Battery Entity Row

Show battery states or attributes with dynamic icon on entity rows in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI

Better Thermostat UI

a custom card for a better thermostat in home assistant based on ai_thermostat intigration

BHA Icon Pack

Additional icons for Home Assistant to accompany the MDI icons

BLE bulb card

Custom card for bluetooth bulb (BLE light) control for Homeassistant

Blind Card

Blind card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

BOM Radar Card

A rain radar card using the new tiled images from the Australian BOM

Browser Control Card

Control your browser from a Home Assistant lovelace card: full screen, disable screen lock, zoom, reload page...

Camect Camera Card

A custom card which exposes Camect video streams via the Home Assistant Lovelace interface. To use this card, you MUST have already installed the Camect HACS integration.

Canvas Gauge Card

The card makes it possible to use gauges from


A custom card for displaying information provided by Beerbolaget (

Charger Card

A lovelace card for electrical vehicle (EV) home chargers and charging robots.

Compass Card

A Lovelace card that shows a directional indicator on a compass for Home Assistant

Cover Position Preset Row

pluig-in for Home Assistant that provides an easy means set 3 fixed positions for a programmable cover entity.


Check Button Card is a button that tracks when it is last pressed, for the Home Assistant Lovelace front-end using MQTT auto discovery.


Several custom made and legacy icons, and icons collected all over the internet in 1 set, UI selectable.


Adapted Custom-ui for HA 110+ / HA 2021.6

Dark Sky Rich Weather Card

Custom Dark Sky Weather plugin for HACS. This creates a rich weather card using the Dark Sky weather plugin.

Datetime Card

A minimalistic card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI which shows how many days it has been between any input_datetime and today.

Entur Card

Home Assistant Lovelace card card for the Entur public transport component.

Fan Mode Button Row

Frontend plugin to control fans in Home Assistant using preset modes for speeds

Flexible Horseshoe Card for Lovelace

Flexible Horseshoe card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI. A card with a flexible layout, a horseshoe-like donut graph, multiple entities or attributes, graphics and animations!

Gallery Card

A custom card for Home Assistant that will display images and/or videos from a folder in the style of a gallery.

GitHub Entity Row

GitHub repository sensor data on entity rows in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI

Ha Floorplan

Bring new life to Home Assistant. By mapping entities to a SVG-object, you're able to control devices, show states, calling services - and much more. Add custom styling on top, to visualize whatever you can think of. Your imagination just become the new limit.

Harmony Card

A Home Assistant Lovelace Care for Harmony Integration

Hass Hue Icons

Additional vector icons for home assistant to model Philips Hue bulbs and fixtures.


A card for Home Assistant Lovelace for exploring the history of your entities interactively and in real time.

Honeycomb Menu

Honeycomb menu is a Home Assistant module (not a card) that can be applied to any lovelace card. When activated by the defined action on said card, the module will display a 'rounded' list of honeycomb buttons with an optional XY pad to make interfacing with lovelace more fluent

HTML Jinja2 Template card

This card displays provided Jinja2 template as an HTML content of a card. It uses exactly the same engine as Home Assistant in Developer tools.

Jumbo Card

A custom lovelace card for the custom Jumbo component.

KNX User Forum Icon Set

Icon set from KNX User Forum for Home Assistant. The icon set contains more than 900 icons for home automation.

Kodi Playlist Card

This repository is used to contain the code of a kodi playlist card for Home Assistant and publish it via HACS

Kodi Search Card

Custom card for home assistant allowing to search in the libraries of kodi

LinakDesk Card

Home Assistant Lovelace Card for controlling desks based on linak bluetooth controller.

Local Conditional card

This card can show and hide a specific card on current device while not affecting other windows. It does not require any integration to run.

Lovelace Home Feed Card

A custom Lovelace card for displaying a combination of persistent notifications, calendar events, and entities in the style of a feed.

Lovelace Lock Card

Home Assistant Lovelace card to lock entire cards behind passwords or prompts.

Lovelace Wallpanel Screensaver

Wall panel mode for your Home Assistant Lovelace dashboard with more focus on screensaver. Configurable extension which features a fullscreen kiosk mode, image and weather-clock screensaver, screen wake lock and the ability to hide side and top bar.

Multiple Entity Row

Show multiple entity states and attributes on entity rows in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI

Navbar Position

Moves the Home Assistant dashboard navigation bar to the bottom of the screen

NextBus Card

A card giving richer public transit display using NextBus sensors.

Notify Card

Send notifications directly from the dashboard

Number Box

Replace input_number sliders with plus and minus buttons

Paper Buttons Row

Adds highly configurable buttons that use actions and per-state styling.


Minimalist plugin which allows users to add person entity in order to show the location with a beutiful and clean interface.

Plex Meets Home Assistant

Custom card which integrates plex into Home Assistant and makes it possible to launch movies or tv shows on TV with a simple click

Plotly Graph Card

Highly customisable Lovelace card to display interactive graphs. Brings scrolling, zooming, and much more!

Power Flow Card

A power distribution card inspired by the official Energy Distribution card for Home Assistant

Power wheel card

An intuitive way to represent the power and energy that your home is consuming or producing. (A custom card for the Lovelace UI of Home Assistant.)

PVPC Hourly Pricing Card

Home Assistant Lovelace custom card to use with Spain electricity hourly pricing (PVPC) integration

RMV Card

Custom card for the RMV component.


A Home Assistant Lovelace card to report MiFlora plant sensors based on the HA Plant Card.

Roomba Vacuum Card

HA Lovelace Card for iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner leveraging the rest980 Docker Image

Sankey Chart Card

A Home Assistant lovelace card to display a sankey chart. For example for power consumption

Secondaryinfo Entity Row

Custom entity row for HomeAssistant, providing additional types of data to be displayed in the secondary info area of the Lovelace Entities card

Select list Card

Select List Card displays an input_select entity as a list in lovelace

Skolmat Card

Home Assistant Lovelace card to display the food menu in Swedish schools.

Sonos Card

Home Assistant custom lovelace sonos card

Steam Card

A Home Assistant card for Steam integrations

Sun Card

Home assistant sun card based on Google weather design


A custom component for displaying camera feeds in the style of a surveillance system.


This is a custom lovelace card for displaying a todoist calendar in Home Assistant.

Uptime Card

Minimalistic uptime card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

Vacuum Card

Vacuum cleaner card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

Valetudo Map Card

Draws the map available from a Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner flashed with Valetudo in a Home Assistant Lovelace card

Vertical Slider Cover Card

Cover card with homekit style vertical position slider (best with panel-mode but normal-mode works also)

Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card

This card provides a user-friendly way to fully control Xiaomi (Roborock/Viomi/Dreame/Roidmi) and Neato (+ possibly other) vacuums in Home Assistant.

Your HA Digital Twin floor3d-card

Your Home Digital Twin: aka floor3d-card. Visualize Home Assistant state and perform actions using objects in a 3D home model based on Three.js.