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Auto Reload

Custom home assitant lovelace for UI auto reload

Compass Card

A Lovelace card that shows a directional indicator on a compass for Home Assistant

Flexible Horseshoe Card for Lovelace

Flexible Horseshoe card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI. A card with a flexible layout, a horseshoe-like donut graph, multiple entities or attributes, graphics and animations!

Ha Floorplan

Bring new life to Home Assistant. By mapping entities to a SVG-object, you're able to control devices, show states, calling services - and much more. Add custom styling on top, to visualize whatever you can think of. Your imagination just become the new limit.

HTML Jinja2 Template card

This card displays provided Jinja2 template as an HTML content of a card. It uses exactly the same engine as Home Assistant in Developer tools.

Jumbo Card

A custom lovelace card for the custom Jumbo component.

Local Conditional card

This card can show and hide a specific card on current device while not affecting other windows. It does not require any integration to run.

Mail and Packages

Home Assistant integration providing day of package counts and USPS informed delivery images.

Number Box

Replace input_number sliders with plus and minus buttons

PVPC Hourly Pricing Card

Home Assistant Lovelace custom card to use with Spain electricity hourly pricing (PVPC) integration

Sankey Chart Card

A Home Assistant lovelace card to display a sankey chart. For example for power consumption

Skolmat Card

Home Assistant Lovelace card to display the food menu in Swedish schools.

Xiaomi Vacuum Map Card

This card provides a user-friendly way to fully control Xiaomi (Roborock/Viomi/Dreame/Roidmi) and Neato (+ possibly other) vacuums in Home Assistant.