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Provides data from on a specified miner.


AbfallPlus component for Home Assistant

AI Thermostat for Zigbee2MQTT

This custom component for Home Assistant will add crucial features to your climate-controlling TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) to save you the work of creating automations to make it smart. It combines a room-temperature sensor, window/door sensors, weather forecasts, or an ambient temperature probe to decide when it should call for heat and automatically calibrate your TRVs to fix the imprecise measurements taken in the radiator's vicinity.


It is a fork of 'Yet another take on a home assistant custom alarm' that will exist until its author is back to our Earth


Easy to use alarm system integration for Home Assistant

Alexa Media Player

This is a custom component to allow control of Amazon Alexa devices in Home Assistant using the unofficial Alexa API.


Home Assistant integration for Argoclima (Argo) climate control devices


Asynchronous Astro Weather Forecast for Home Assistant


Monitor your Asus router from Home Assistant


Custom component allowing control of Atrea ventilation units

Audi connect

Adds an audi connect integration to home assistant


A platform which allows you to get information about sucessfull logins to Home Assistant.

Avanza Stock

Custom component to get stock data from Avanza for Home Assistant

AWS Codepipeline

An integration to monitor and execute AWS Codepipeline projects within Home Assistant.

Baby Buddy

This custom integration provides sensors for Baby Buddy API endpoints.

Beward Integration

Home Assistant custom component for Beward security Cameras and Doorbells

BlueIris NVR

Integration with Blue Iris Video Security Software


Custom_components Body Metrics for Xiaomi Miscale 1 and 2 (esphome or BLE monitor for Homeassistant)

Bravia TV PSK

Sony Bravia TV (Pre-Shared Key) component for Home Assistant


Custom component for Home Assistant to support Brematic devices


Buienalarm custom_component for Home-Assistant

Bunq balance sensor

Home assistant custom component to provide monetary account balance sensors for Bunq


Italy Meteo-hydro alert and hydrogeological phenomena Civil Protection (Protezione Civile). In this custom component you can find the vigilance Bulletin and the Bulletin of national hydrogeological and hydraulic criticalities. They allow to check whether in your current location there will be criticalities/warnings related to weather-hydrogeological and hydraulic phenomena. Weather forecasts for civil protection purposes differs from the classic 'weather forecasts'. They highlight potentially harmful situations to people or things. This component was created for personal purposes, in order to be able to monitor the Civil Protection site and check for important updates. I hope it will be useful to you.

Candy Simply-Fi

Unofficial Candy/Haier washing machine integration for Home Assistant

Car Wash

Car Wash Binary Sensor for Home Assistant


Home assistant Integration for Casambi Cloud lights


Home Assistant ChargePoint EV Charger Integration


Neviweb Custom Component for Home Assistant to manage devices connected via GT125

ClimaCell Weather Provider

Climacell weather provider integration is a custom component for Home Assistant. The climacell platform uses the Climacell API as a source for meteorological data for your location.

Cover Time Based RF (script/entity)

Time-based cover with customizable scripts or entity to trigger opening, stopping and closing. Position is calculated based on the fraction of time spent by the cover traveling up or down. State can be updated with information based on external sensors.

Coway IoCare

Home Assistant custom component for monitoring and controlling Coway Airmega Purifiers

Creasol DomBus

Home Assistant integration for Creasol DomBus RS485 modules (inputs, outputs, sensors).


Crunch-O-Meter API as sensors in Home Assistant. See how many people are currently at your local gym

Crypto Tracker

Integration for Home Assistant to implement a crypto tracking system


Provides Home Assistant sensors for all cryptocurrencies supported by CoinGecko

Current Cost

CurrentCost Meter Reading Custom Component for Home Assistant


Experimental integration to Home Assistant supporting D-Link devices


A Home Assistant HACS integration that supports Kia Connect(Uvo). The integration supports the USA.


Dahua Camera and Doorbell Home Assistant Integration

Dahua VTO

Control Dahua VTO/VTH devices from Home Assistant

Daily Sensor

Sensor for Home Assistant that gets reset at midnight

Discord Game

Home Assistant custom component to get online and game status of Discord users

Disk Space

Disk space for a path. For use with Home Assistant


Home Assistant custom HACS integration to integrate the next 5 global rocket launches from


Using the N2YO API, this Home Assistant integration will provide visible satellite passes (general) and to add specific satellites for monitoring.


Home Assistant integration for SpaceX Next Launch and Starman data.


Custom Home Assistant Integration for the Dobiss NXT platform


A Home Assistant Budova Smart Home integration

Dual Smart Thermostat

The `dual_smart_thermostat` is an enhaced verion of generic thermostat implemented in Home Assistant. It uses several sensors and dedicated switches connected to a heater and air conditioning under the hood.

Duepi Evo

Control Duepi_evo based pellet stoves with Home Assistant over wifi using ESPLink

Dwains Dashboard

An fully auto generating Home Assistant UI dashboard for desktop, tablet and mobile by Dwains for desktop, tablet, mobile

ECHONETLite Platform

A Home Assistant custom component for use with ECHONET enabled Mitsubishi HVAC systems.

Ecowater Softener

A Homeassistant custom component to integrate Ecowater water softeners


Home Assistant custom component for eGauge monitor


Home Assistant integration for NYC trash collection, school, and alternate side parking schedules.


Home Assistant custom component to help ev-chargers stay below peak hourly energy levels.

Eldes Alarm

Home Assistant custom component for Eldes Alarm system

ElkoEP Lara

Support for interface with an ElkoEP Lara devices


Home Assistant Custom Component showing data from

Email Sensor

Email Sensor for collecting tracking numbers from over 25 providers.

Emby Latest Media

Home Assistant component to feed Upcoming Media Card with the latest releases on an Emby instance.

Emulated color temp light

Emulate SUPPORT_COLOR_TEMP for color lights that doesn't support color temp (like some Ikea Tradfri bulbs) - Home Assistant component

Entities Calendar

A custom component for Home Assistant to allow regular entities to be used as a calendar

Entity Controller

Entity and lighting controller for managing devices via timers, scripts, and sun-based time restrictions.


Provides data from on a specified miner.

Eufy Security

Home Assistant integration to manage Eufy Security devices as cameras, home base stations, doorbells, motion and contact sensors.

Event sensor

HomeAssistant custom sensor to track specific events

Fitness Push

Home Assistant integration to push fitness data to remote services.


Provides data from on a specified miner.


Fordpass integration for Home Assistant

Fortnite Stats

This is a Home-Assistant custom component that pulls Fortnite stats using the python API library from the site

Freebox Player

Custom Component for Home Assistant, enable to remote Freebox Player


Frigate integration for Home Assistant

FXMarketAPI Integration

This is a custom component to integrate into FXMarketAPI ( to get the live mid-rates in Home Assistant.

Garmin Connect

The Garmin Connect integration allows you to expose data from Garmin Connect to Home Assistant.


Home Assistant integration for spas equipped with Gecko Alliance in.touch2 modules

Generate readme

Use Jinja and data from Home Assistant to generate your file


This components integrates Bang & Olufsen Master Link Gateway and Beolink Gateway to Home Assistant, the open-source home automation platform.

Ginlong Solis PV portal integration

HomeAssistant integration for the Ginlong Solis PV Monitoring portal. This integration supports the current Platform v2.0 portal ( which supports Solis and Solarman PV inverter brands. Also supports new SolisCloud platform


Gismeteo Weather Provider for Home Assistant


Home Assistant custom_component for controlling the go-eCharger EV-Charger

Google Home

Home Assistant Google Home custom component

Google Keep

This sensor uses gkeepapi library to download a list of notes from


A HACS repository for Govee light integration


Integration for NETGEAR Meural Canvas digital art frame in Home Assistant

HASS Bardolph

HASS custom component to load and run Bardolph (simple scripting utility for LIFX light bulbs by Al Fontes, Jr.)

HASS.Agent MediaPlayer

HASS.Agent MediaPlayer integrations. Adds TTS and the ability to control local media to HASS.Agent - a Windows based client for Home Assistant.

HASS.Agent Notifier

HASS.Agent Notifier integration. Adds notifications to HASS.Agent - a Windows based client for Home Assistant.


HDHomeRun integration for Home Assistant.

Update and display the status of your checks.

Helios ventilation

Custom component for Home Assistant to connect Helios ventilation system.


Provides Home Assistant sensors for multiple Dutch waste collectors. The idea is to add more cities and features in the future.


Home assistant home battery simulator - allows you to model how much energy you would save with a home battery


This is a custom component to allow control of HifiberryOS devices in Home Assistant using the audiocontrol2 REST API.

Home Connect

Custom component for Home Assistant to connect appliances supporting the Home Connect standard

Home Connect Alt

Alternative (and improved) Home Connect integration for Home Assistant

Huawei Solar

Home Assistant integration for Huawei Solar inverters via ModbusTCP

Husqvarna Automower

Custom component for Home Assistant to monitor and control your Husqvrana Automower

iCloud3 Device Tracker

iCloud3 - An advanced device_tracker custom_component for iPhones, iPads, etc. It monitors zone & location updates triggered by the HA iOS App and supports Apple 2fa verification.


Integration that displays the next event of an ics link (support reoccuring events)


IPCamLive integration for Home Assistant

iPhone Device Tracker

A custom component for Home Assistant to detect iPhones connected to local LAN, even if the phone is in deep sleep.


Jellyfin integration for Home Assistant


Sonos cloud API integration for Home Assistant with improved TTS/alerts handling


Home Assistant Custom Component for Bosch Indego Lawn Mower


Custom Home Assistant (Light) Component for Ambilight LED's on Philips Android TV's


custom integration for kaco solar inverter


Home Assistant component to handle key atome (linky) -conso live feature-


Home Assistant integration for managing Z-Wave enabled locks

Kia Uvo / Hyundai Bluelink

A Home Assistant HACS integration that supports Kia Connect(Uvo) and Hyundai Bluelink. The integration supports the EU, Canada and the USA.


KNMI weather integration for Home Assistant

Kodi Media Sensors

Custom component to feed multiple sensors in Home Assistan and so custom cards can be to display those sensors. This repository is a fork of

Kodi Recently Added Media

Custom component to feed recently added tv shows and movies to the custom card 'Upcoming Media Card' for Home Assistant.


tvheadend recorder sensor - lovelace upcoming media card

Kostal Piko

A custom component to get the readings of a Kostal Piko inverter

La Marzocco

Interact with your La Marzocco espresso machine

Leaf Spy

A Home Assistant integration to receive live data sent from the LeafSpy app

Lightwave RF

Lightwave RF custom component for Home Assistant. Requires generation 2 ('Link Plus') hub, but will control both generation 1 ('Connect Series') and generation 2 ('Smart Series') devices.

Linkplay-based speakers and devices

LinkPlay based media devices integration for Home Assistant. Supports multiroom, Media Browser, and snapshot and restore functionality for TTS. Compatible with Mini Media Player card.

Linksys Velop Device Tracker

The linksys_velop platform allows for presence detection by listing devices connected to your Linksys Velop router.


The linksys_ap platform offers presence detection by looking at connected devices to a Linksys based access point.


Home Assistant integration for a Litter-Robot Connect self-cleaning litter box

Local Luftdaten Sensor

Custom component for Home Assistant that integrates your (own) local Luftdaten sensor (air quality/particle sensor) without using the cloud.


Long time state storage (LTSS) custom component for Home Assistant using Timescale DB


Luxtronik integration for Home Assistant

Magic Areas

Magic Areas custom_component for Home Assistant

Mail and Packages

Home Assistant integration providing day of package counts and USPS informed delivery images.

MercedesME 2020

Custom Component to integrate MercedesME devices into Home-Assistant

Meross Integration

Custom component that leverages the Meross IoT library to integrate with Homeassistant

Meteobridge Datalogger Integration

The Meteobridge Integration adds support for retrieving current weather data from a Meteobridge datalogger connected to a local Weather Station.

MicroBot Push

Home Assistant switch integration to control MicroBot Push

Midea Dehumidifier (LAN)

This Home Assistant custom component adding support for controlling Midea air conditioners and dehumidifiers on local network.

Midea Smart Aircon

Home Assistant Custom Integration for Midea Group(Hualing, Senville, Klimaire, AirCon, Century, Pridiom, Thermocore, Comfee, Toshiba, Carrier, Goodman, Friedrich, Samsung, Kenmore, Trane, Lennox, LG and much more) Air Conditioners via LAN.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile Integration for Data Usage Monitoring


MiWiFi for Home Assistant


MOOX-Track Custom Component for HASS (hass-moox-track) is a custom component that connects your MOOX Track devices to Home Assistant as 'Device Trackers'


Home Assistant custom component for scraping (html, xml or json) multiple values (from a single HTTP request) with a separate sensor/attribute for each value. Support for (login) form-submit functionality.

Multizone Controller

Integration that creates a multi-zone volume controller for media_players in Home Assistant

Music Assistant

Turn your Home Assistant instance into a jukebox, hassle free streaming of your favorite media to Home Assistant media players.


Home Assistant integration for MyEnergi devices

Nest Protect

Nest Protect integration for Home Assistant. This will allow you to integrate your smoke, heat, co and occupancy status real-time in HA.


NHL Stats API Integration Into Home Assistant

Nintendo Wishlist

A sensor that monitors a Nintendo Switch wish list for when games are on sale.

Node-RED Companion

Companion Component for node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket to help integrate Node-RED with Home Assistant Core

Novus 300 Bus

Home Assistant HACS component to readout values from a Paul Novus 300 ventilation system

NWS Alerts

An updated version of the nws_alerts custom integration for Home Assistant


Custom Component for Homeassistant Providing Travel Time Information using


OpenEI integration for Home Assistant


Home Assistant custom component for openHASP

OpenMensa Sensor

A platform sensor which tells you which meals are served in your canteen.


OpenRGB integration for Home Assistant


Optus Mobile Home Assistant Integration

Orbit BHyve

Orbit BHyve custom component for Home Assistant

OVH DynHost

OVH DynHost Updater Component for

Passive BLE monitor integration

BLE monitor passively monitors BLE sensors (Xiaomi, Qingping, ATC, BlueMaestro, Brifit, Govee, Kegtron, Moat, Inkbird, iNode, Yeelight, RuuviTag, SensorPush, Teltonika and Thermoplus)


Home Assistant ( custom component for Warsaw public transport

Peloton Sensor

A platform which allows you to get current and past ride data from Peloton into HomeAssistant

Pirate Weather

Replacement for the default Dark Sky Home Assistant integration using Pirate Weather

Pod Point

A simple Home Assistant integration that shows basic information from Pod Point and allows the control of charging schedules to disable and enable the pod.

Popular Times

Custom component for Home Assistant which generates a sensor to show popularity for a google maps place.

Power calculation

Custom component to calculate estimated power consumption of lights and other appliances


Pyscript adds rich Python scripting to HASS

RCT Power

A Home Assistant custom component to integrate with RCT Power inverters.

Reaper DAW

Reaper DAW custom integration for Home Assistant


Redfin property estimate Sensor for Home Assistant

Remote PicoTTS

A custom component for Home Assistant which integrates my picoTTS Addon on,


Home Assistant integration for RHVoice - a local text-to-speech engine.

SAJ Inverter Modbus

Home Assistant Component for reading data locally from SAJ (and Zonneplan) Inverters through modbus TCP.

Salus iT600

Home Assistant integration with Salus devices

SamsungTV Encrypted

Samsung TV Encrypted Models (H & J Series) custom component for Home Assistant


This custom component allows you to save current state of any entity and use its data later to restore it.


Sbanken sensor for Home Assistant

Schedule State

HA sensor that returns a string based on a defined schedule, enabling further automations

Securitas Direct Alarm

This repository contains the new securitas direct API that can be integrated in Home Assistant

Selve NG

Home Assistant Custom component to manage Selve devices


Haiku with SenseME fan integration for Home Assistant


SensorPush integration for Home Assistant


The custom compontnet will get fire risks and fire prohibition from the Brandrisk Ute API for the supplied position.


Custom component to integrate Arris DCX960 Horizon EOS Settopbox into Home Assistant


SIA alarm systems integration into Home Assistant

Skoda Connect

Skoda Connect - An home assistant plugin to add integration with your car


Home Assistant SkyQ Media player component

SmartThinQ LGE Sensors

HomeAssistant custom integration for SmartThinQ LG devices configurable with Lovelace User Interface.

Snowtire Sensor

Home Assistant sensor to predict if it's time to change car tires from summer to winter and vice versa.

Solaredge Modbus

Home assistant Component for reading data locally from Solaredge inverter through modbus TCP

Solaredge Modbus Multi-Inverter

A Home Assistant integration for SolarEdge inverters using local Modbus/TCP (no cloud). Supports multiple inverters, single inverters, meters, and extra information/error sensors.

Solarman Integration

Home Assistant component for Solarman collectors used with a variety of inverters.

Sonoff LAN

Control Sonoff Devices with eWeLink (original) firmware over LAN and/or Cloud from Home Assistant

Sonos Alarm

HomeAssistant custom component to control your SONOS Alarm


A Home Assistant integration to turn your vacuum into an audio player.


Home assistant custom component to start Spotify playback on an idle chromecast device as well as control spotify connect devices

SPZB0001 Thermostat

A clone created from the Home Assistant generic_thermostat to use EUROTRONIC Zigbee SPZB0001 Thermostats with external temperature sensors

Steam Wishlist

A home assistant integration that monitors games on sale on your Steam wishlist.


Home Assistant customcomponent for SunSpec modbus devices

Super Soco Custom

Custom component for integrating your Super Soco motorcycle into Home Assistant. It provides meaningful data like power status, battery percentage, location and a lot more.


HomeAssistant Integration For Swatch: Color detection in images to capture presense of known objects.


This is a simple project that manage the Switchbot ( ) that has only the 'press' ability in Home Assistant.


TapHome integration into Home Assistant.

Tapo Controller

A custom integration to control Tapo devices from home assistant.


This is an integration for HomeAssistant. It's a Device Tracker component for the Technicolor Gateway.


Control your tedee smart lock from Home Assistant


Teletask (DoIP) Integration for Home Assistant Comunity Store (HACS)


Tesla custom integration for Home Assistant. This requires a refresh token be generated by third-party apps to login.

Teufel Raumfeld

Integration for Teufel smart speaker (aka Raumfeld Multiroom) into


Thermal camera for Home Assistant

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort sensor for HA (absolute humidity, heat index, dew point, thermal perception)


Home Assistant integration of ThermIQ-MQTT, providing control and logging of Thermia heatpumps


TooGoodToGo items stock as sensor in Home Assistant

Toon Boiler Status

This component reads and displays the boiler status values from a rooted Toon thermostat.

Toshiba AC

Toshiba AC integration into


A Trakt integration for Home Assistant compatible with upcoming media card


TrueNAS integration for Home Assistant


Home Assistant custom integration for controlling AirPlay devices connected to a TuneBlade server

Ubee Router

This platform integrates Ubee Routers into Home Assistant.


Home-Assistant component for Ultimaker printers (UM3, S3, S5)

UltraSync Beta

Interlogix ZeroWire and Hills ComNav (NX-595E) UltraSync Security Panel for Integration for Home Assistant Comunity Store (HACS)


A custom Home Assistant component for declaring and setting generic variable entities dynamically.

Victor Smart-Kill

Home Assistant integration for Victor Smart-Kill WI-FI electronic mouse and rat traps from

Virage Dashboard

A Home Assistant integration to keep track of Virage Laboratories devices, and set up and properly label rf sensors and door contacts


Home Assistant custom integration to keep track of missing entities and services in your config files


Home Assistant WattBox Component


Wattio Smart Home custom integration for Home Assistant

Wavin Sentio

Home Assistant component for monitoring and administration of Wavin Sentio underfloor heating system


HomeAssistant custom integration to fetch data from weatherapi

WebRTC Camera

Home Assistant custom component for viewing IP cameras RTSP stream in real time using WebRTC and MSE technology


Homeassistant integration for weenect

Weight Gurus

This custom integration provides sensors for Weight Gurus API endpoints.


A sensor that give you information about next departure from spesified stop.


Provides Home Assistant sensors for multiple windturbines from the Windcentrale


Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.


Eaton xComfort SHC integration for Home Assistant

Xiaomi Cloud Map Extractor

This custom integration provides a way to present a live view of a map for Xiaomi, Roborock, Viomi, Roidmi and Dreame vacuums without a need for rooting.

Xiaomi Gateway 3

Control Zigbee, BLE and Mesh devices from Home Assistant with Xiaomi Gateway 3 on original firmware

Xiaomi MiIO Raw

Custom component for Home Assistant to faciliate the reverse engeneering of Xiaomi MiIO devices

Xiaomi MIoT

All-in-one & Easy-to-use. Integrate all your Xiaomi Smart Home - with a single integration and NO YAML files - into Home Assistant.

Xiaomi Miot Auto

Automatic integrate all Xiaomi devices to HomeAssistant via miot-spec, support Wi-Fi, BLE, ZigBee devices.

Yahoo Finance

Home Assistant component which allows you to get stock updates from Yahoo finance.


A platform which give you info about the newest video on a channel


Custom Home Assistant component for Zoom. Tracks when you are connected to a Zoom call by default but may allow you to track more.