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Italy Meteo-hydro alert and hydrogeological phenomena Civil Protection (Protezione Civile). In this custom component you can find the vigilance Bulletin and the Bulletin of national hydrogeological and hydraulic criticalities. They allow to check whether in your current location there will be criticalities/warnings related to weather-hydrogeological and hydraulic phenomena. Weather forecasts for civil protection purposes differs from the classic 'weather forecasts'. They highlight potentially harmful situations to people or things. This component was created for personal purposes, in order to be able to monitor the Civil Protection site and check for important updates. I hope it will be useful to you.

Author: caiosweet

Repository: caiosweet/Home-Assistant-custom-components-DPC-Alert


This repository is included in HACS by default and you can download it by clicking the "Explore & Download Repositories" button in the bottom right corner on the "Integrations" tab inside HACS.