This section has two parts: Core and Additional


This part give you core information about the repository:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Installed version
  • Available version(s)
  • Author(s)

Repository menu

You get to this by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Update informationThis will reload the information about the repository.
Show betaThis will enable beta versions for the repository. (Only if the repository uses releases.)
HideThis will hide the repository from the store views. (Only if the repository is not custom.)
Open issueThis will take you to where you can report issues about that repository.
Flag thisThis will take you to an issue template to remove the repository from HACS.

Repository buttons

main actionThis button will have a different function depending on the version you have installed, if any, but the main part is that it will install the selected version if clicked.
Change logThis will show you the change log for the repository. (This will only show if there is an update pending)
RepositoryThis will take you to the github repository
Open pluginThis will show you the plugin file that hacs will serve to Lovelace. (This will only show for installed plugins)
UninstallThis will stop tracking versions in HACS, and delete the files that HACS has downloaded for it.


This part shows more information about the repository. At the bottom of this section you will also see where it is/will be installed.

If the repository is a plugin you will also get instructions on how to add it to your Lovelace configuration.

Last updated on 12/24/2019