This is the overview of HACS.


The overview consist of a header, tabs and a menu button (in the top right corner)


Every tab you see here serves a separate purpose:

If you click on a repository under the installed or store tabs, you will get to the page of that repository.

Menu button


The items in this list vary from what view you are viewing.

  • "Upgrade all" are only visible if you are on the "Installed" tab.
  • "Table" and "Compact" are not visible on the "Settings" tab.

Menu items


This will open the documentation page for the tab you are viewing.

Reload data

This will start a background task that reloads the data of every repository HACS knows about.

Upgrade all

This will upgrade all installed repositories that have an update pending.


This will take you to the HACS organisation page on GitHub.

Open issue

This will take you to where you can get information about creating issues under the HACS organisation.


When active this changes the layout to be in table mode.


When active this will comapct the layout of HACS.


This shows a modal with info about HACS versions and the number of repositories it tracks.

Last updated on 12/24/2019