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The documentation site for HACS is build with Docusaurus and hosted on Netlify

Contribute to the documentation#

There are two ways of contributing to the documentation:

  • Using the "Edit this page" link at the bottom of every page.
  • Locally changing (devcontainer)

All changes to the documentation should go against the master branch.
The repository for the documentation is hosted @

Edit this page#

When you see something that needs changing when you browse the documentation, scroll down to the bottom of the page you are looking at, and click the "Edit this page" link.


This will take you to the GitHub page for it so you can change the content.

Locally changing (devcontainer)#

First spin up the devcontainer

When you have that running issue the following commands:

yarn start

You have now started a local webserver that hosts the documentation on http://localhost:3000

That server will reload if you do changes to the documentation so you can live see how the changes look.

When you are happy with the result, push the changes to your fork and create a PR to have it merged to the HACS base.


All pages for the HACS documentation is located under:


All images for the HACS documentation is located under:


Contents linking#

Reference another page#

Lets say you need to reference another page that is located under:


Then you need to use:


Reference images#

Lets say you need to reference an image that is located under:


Then you need to use:


New pages#

  1. Create a new .md file under documentation/content/ in a sub-directory that fits the purpose of the file.
  2. Add a reference to that file in documentation/sidebars.js

At the top of all pages you should have this:

id: An ID for that file, ie. 'feature' (lowercase)
title: A Title for the page, this will also be used in the sidebar, ie. Feature
description: "A nice description here"
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