Configure HACS with YAML

This page assume that you have already finished the installation

Example configuration

token: d73jds8f73jkr9d8sufv2br8sd9fy92nr9f80u23r97fhse (Don't copy+paste this token, create your own)
tokenFalseA Github Personal Access Token
sidepanel_titleTrueCommunityThe name used for the sidepanel link.
sidepanel_iconTrue"mdi:alpha-c-box"The icon used for the sidepanel link.
appdaemonTrueFalseEnable tracking of AppDaemon apps.
python_scriptTrueFalse[DEPRECATED!] Enable tracking of python scripts.
themeTrueFalse[DEPRECATED!] Enable tracking of themes.
optionsTrueA map of options.

Options (map)

countrySet a filter based on your A2(ISO) country code.
release_limitNumber of releases to show in the version selector. (Defaults to 5)
experimentalBoolean to enable experimental features (defaults to False).
Last updated on 12/25/2019