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Configure HACS with YAML


This page assume that you have already finished the download. New setups should not use this. This sections is indended for developers and really, really, really advanced users. Some features of HACS is not enabled if you use YAML. Use this instead

Example configuration

token: d73jds8f73jkr9d8sufv2br8sd9fy92nr9f80u23r97fhse (Don't copy+paste this token, create your own)
tokenFalseA Github Personal Access Token
sidepanel_titleTrueCommunityThe name used for the sidepanel link.
sidepanel_iconTrue"mdi:alpha-c-box"The icon used for the sidepanel link.
appdaemonTrueFalseEnable tracking of AppDaemon apps.
netdaemonTrueFalseEnable tracking of NetDaemon apps.
countryTrueSet a filter based on your A2(ISO) country code.
release_limitTrue5Number of releases to show in the version selector.
experimentalTrueFalseBoolean to enable experimental features.