AppDaemon Apps

AppDaemon apps are apps for AppDaemon


Since not all users are running AppDaemon, AppDaemon is not enabled by default in HACS.

Enable AppDaemon apps in HACS

There are 2 ways of doing this.

Enable if you used the UI to configure HACS

Add a checkmark to the left of AppDaemon apps in the UI configuration for HACS.


For more about configuring HACS with the UI have a look here

Enable if you used YAML to configure HACS

If you used YAML to configure HACS, add this under your HACS configuration to enable AppDaemon apps:

appdaemon: true

After adding that you need to restart Home Assistant.

For more about configuring HACS with YAML have a look here

AppDaemon apps download location


Any AppDaemon app downloaded with HACS is stored in appdaemon/apps/ in your Home Assistant configuration directory.

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